Dr Toby Slee
Chiropractor, BCc(Chiro) BChiro
Having seen thousands of people over my career, from newborns to 90 year olds, it has given me an extensive knowledge base for managing a wide variety of neuro musculoskeletal problems.

I grew up in the country town of Harvey and completed my schooling in Bunbury and Australind.  My discovery and passion for chiropractic care stems from personal experiences as a child and teenager on monthly visits to my family chiropractor in Bunbury and so I had the goal of being a chiropractor from a young age.

I completed the five year chiropractic degree at Murdoch University in Perth graduating with distinction in 2012.

Following graduation I moved to Townsville in North Queensland, where I spent eight years growing and working in a very busy and dynamic practice working closely with a number of other health professionals and seeing a wide variety of people including military personal, office workers, athletes, kids and the elderly.

I have a strong interest in sport and have competed in a number of running and triathlon events including a marathon, multiple half marathons and four 70.3 Ironman's. I have firsthand experience with the type of stress that these activities put on your body. During my intense training for these events, I have used chiropractic care in my ‘training tool belt’ – enabling my body to function at its optimal level and avoid major injury. I enjoy working with athletes to help them through injuries and also to better equip their bodies during training periods to help maximize function and reduce stress on the body.

In 2020, we decided to move back to Western Australia to be closer to family again but spent all of 2021 travelling Australia with my wife and two kids in a caravan. On our travels through WA we decided we wanted to live in the southwest region and settled on Busselton to raise our family and become part of the community.

I look forward to meeting you at Beachside Chiropractic Busselton!

Toby Slee

Dr Brendan Thomson
Chiropractor DC
Having achieved many of my own goals I love helping other achieve their goals.

Dr Brendan’s chiropractic journey started in 2007 while studying nutrition and playing Semi-Professional rugby in the US. After a number of serious injuries, he experienced the power and benefits of chiropractic care which allowed him to get back on the field and perform at a higher level. He went on to captain the Atlanta team to 3 National Championships and represent the United States. After graduating from Life University (Marietta, GA, USA) in 2015 he relocated to Singapore to work as a chiropractor for a period then back to Australia. In 2019, Dr Brendan stepped away from the chiropractic profession, changing career path to the mining sector. He has returned to his true passion and is dedicated to delivering true healthcare to the southwest community.  

Competing in sport at such a high level along with a detailed understanding of the human body has helped me better understand the bodies amazing ability to perform, heal and function. Having achieved many of my own goals I love helping other achieve their goals.

When not in clinic Dr Brendan enjoys spending time with his young family and experiencing the beauty of the southwest. He actively involved in the southwest rugby community, and also spends his time fishing and diving.  

I look forward to meeting you

Brendan Thomson

Clare Slee
When I'm not working as a registered nurse at the Busselton Hospital you can expect to see me on the front desk at Beachside Chiropractic Busselton.

Born and raised in the Perth Hills, after eight years in North Queensland and one year in a caravan I'm excited to be relocating back to WA and calling Busselton home with Toby and our two kids.

Some of my favourite things are cafe catchups, entertaining friends and family, running, bike rides with the kids and going to the movies with a bag of malteesers.

When I'm not working as a registered nurse at the Busselton Hospital you can expect to see me on the front desk at Beachside Chiropractic Busselton, I love a chat! And can't wait to meet you.

Clare Slee

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is built around the understanding that the body has an amazing ability to heal, repair and regulate itself. The nervous system is one of the keys to the body’s ability to be able to achieve this and the spine plays a huge role in protecting this communication system, yet still allowing a wide range of movement and flexibility.

As a chiropractor one of our key focuses is to make sure your spine is able to function at its optimal level. This allows your nervous system to function at its best to keep your body regulating and adapting as well as it can.
We know life creates a wide range of stresses that interfere with the body’s ability to maintain healthy homeostasis. These can involve different chemical, emotional and physical stresses. By taking a thorough history and really getting to know you as an individual we can help identify these stressors and help work on ways to minimise them, to allow your body to get back to working as it should.

All chiropractic techniques are aimed at improving your function, but there are a number of different ways and techniques to achieve this, which is why we use a variety of techniques to help find your preference and what will work best for you and help us achieve your goals.
Lower back pain

Low back pain is the leading cause of days lost due to disability. Low back pain can come from a number of sources such as discs (the joints in your spine), muscles and ligaments as well as more serious sources. A good history and examination is critical in determining the source of your issues.


Poor posture though not always linked with pain has been found to possibly effect balance, autonomic function and increase stress on muscles and areas of your spine. We conduct posture assessment both digitally and physically.

Loss of range of motion

Loss of joint function can often be the start of issues. We use a digital goniometer to get a precise joint range of motion and assess how that compares to healthy range of motion and also to have an accurate reference point for future assessment.

Sporting injuries

Chiropractic has been found to help with muscle activation and joint position sense which is very important to help you perform at your best in what ever your sport may be.

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions can often be debilitating and develop over many years and so often have many components to them and hence the management often needs to involve a number of different factors and sometimes different people. A thorough history and examination is key to working out how to best help you manage chronic conditions.


Headaches can come from many sources. As always a good history and examination can help determine the causes and the best management. Headaches that we may be able to help with are those related to joint dysfunction, muscle dysfunction coming from poor posture, overuse or general tension and jaw problems. 20% of headaches have been found to be cervicogenic meaning they are coming from your neck. Research has shown manipulation (adjustments) are one of the most effective forms of management.(1)
Chiropractors are the second most common health care providers people seek for headache relief after their GP and the third most common reason people see a chiropractor.(2)

(1) Dunning, James R et al. “Upper cervical and upper thoracic manipulation versus mobilization and exercise in patients with cervicogenic headache: a multi-center randomized clinical trial.” BMC musculoskeletal disorders vol. 17 64. 6 Feb. 2016, doi:10.1186/s12891-016-0912-3
(2) http://hdl.handle.net/10453/140950 Craig Moore The managment of headache in Chiropratic care:A health service research investigation

Our Techniques
Is a manual style of adjustment where you feel the joint move and may hear the ‘click’ sound that adjustments are often known for.
Is a technique that uses a specific style of table that has segments that lift up and then drop down when a light pressure is applied. It allows the chiropractor to use this dropping motion to help improve the movement and function of different joints of the spine.
Is an instrument assisted adjustment devise that can be used on indicated segments to create a controlled force to help with joint movement and stimulation.
The jaw can be common place for a lot of tension and issues from headaches to clicking. We carry out a focused examination on the jaw and provide care accordingly.
SOT (Sacro Occipital Techniques)
Is a lighter style of working with the spine and body. It often involves using specially designed blocks that are placed in patterns around the pelvic to help improve patterns of misalignment. It uses light spinal work to help improve stimulation and function around indicated segments of the spine. It can also include organ stimulation techniques and cranial work.
Extremity adjusting
Our focus is on the spine but movement is very complicated and often involves a number of joints and muscles throughout the body to achieve our day to day functions. That is why we also assess how your arms and legs are functioning. This can involve checking the joints in your feet, knees, hips, shoulders, elbow and wrists.
Myofascial Release
Working with muscles and fascia to release tension and restrictions to help improve function. In this clinic this may be done manually or using instruments.
The techniques that we use depend on patients’ preferences and what will achieve the best outcomes.
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